‘PINK FULL MOON’ on 29th/30th April : Bunch of positivity and success is waiting for you

Pink moon is going to be very special as it will be occurring just days after the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower enhancing the energies surrounding it.

This is what you can get during the time.

It is a good time to wake up spiritually as things are going to come together cosmically and that is why you will feel to get deeper within yourself.

This energy will allow you to work as much faster as never before. Your productivity will get much needed boost during this time.

If you are battling with something internally, this is the right time you will get this resolved.

What to do?

All full moons are special in nature but pink moon is always an extraordinary source of getting yourself healed. This time use this following trick to get the right result.

Claim your happiness and abundance. Be there where you always wanted to be. This pink energy can wash out all your wounds and give you fresh and spiritual guidance you would be glad to receive.


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