UNALOM tattoo, for everyone who is on enlightenment path.


What is the path to enlightenment?

When a person can get true happiness? According to Buddha, the way to true happiness is the way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is to understand your own true nature, true nature of the entire world and actual purpose of your life. Enlightenment is the synonym of happiness where a person understands worth of his own soul and purpose of his own life.

There are 4 practical ways to which lead to enlightenment :






Have a look and understand how Unalom symbolizes enlightenment

Unalome Symbol - A path to enlightenment
Unalome Symbol – A path to enlightenment


Progress and harmony are the basis of every method of enlightenment. Progress means achieving self-improvement through individual effort and spreading a positive influence to the world. Harmony means improving ourselves without hurting others and contributing to the happiness of many. When these two directions are combined, they give birth to the Principle of Enlightenment. It is a path of infinite progress, infinite harmony, and endless happiness.

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Male Unalome symbol
Male Unalome symbol


Female Unalome symbol
Female Unalome symbol

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