Power of silence. Bang on answers to toxic people around you.


As a child, we never like if someone ask us to be silent and sit aside. when you are young, you are full of energy. You want to show the world that this is what I can say and I can do, this is where you are wrong and I am right. Isn’t it?


Ask yourself, Is this really needed every time?  Pause for a minute and think, will my being loud make the situation easy? Take a deep breath and find out if there are any alternatives to resolve the issue.

You will get an affirmative answer to deal with the situation. You’ll end up saving many things.

Find the below situations when it is much needed to be silent.

power of silence calm yourself restore your energy
Be silent

Trust the silence. Resisting your own thoughts and prompt expression of disagreement to the others will lead you to end up loosing many valuable things.

Silence helps you to restore your energy and calm your mind.

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