If someone is leaving, It’s okay. Not everyone is meant to stay.

Let them go and move on.

It hurts if someone leaves, especially when the person means a lot to you and you want to spend more and more time with him/her. But what if they leave you? Does that mean you need to be sad and weaving in memories all the time? The simple answer is NO.

It’s a simple thing to understand that not everyone is  meant to stay there the way you want.

This really does not mean that you don’t care for people around you and don’t get attached to them. Of course we all develop certain feelings over the period of time and that is quite natural.

But what if they want to leave?

Simply let them go and move on. The moment you know they have stopped deserving you, stand up for your soul and you leave before they leave.

We have a beautiful poem to share with you here :

don't stop weaving memories but when time comes for farewell, learn to smile
Not everyone is meant to stay

Let your love go. Even don’t let them come back if they want to because every time it’s always difficult to regain yourself.

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