10 steps to know exactly who you are – Become aware

Know yourself

“Living a lie comes out sooner or later”

When I read this quote, I often think are we really living the way we want to? Are we happy enough in doing the things we are doing right now? Are we actually enjoying the life to the fullest?

What to do if we are not? How will you determine the process of knowing yourself?

Do you actually know who you are? It’s not about being selfish or not caring for others. It is the process of becoming aware that this is what you are and this is how you can find your actual self.

Becoming aware of your likes and dislikes, the people around you and what kind of energy do you feel when you are around them is very important because this determines if you are happy with your surroundings or not.

ways to find yourself
Steps to find yourself


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If these are the same questions coming to your mind, below is the best answers to those questions and these steps really worked for me.Try these steps for some days and share your views in comment section.

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