Reasons why you should never drink cold water.

Cold water

Staying hydrated is always beneficial for mental and physical health. There is nothing better than a chilled glass of water in extreme summer to cool down your body and mind but wait a moment. After reading the following information, you might think twice before reaching out to an ice tray.

If fact, you may realize that some of the health problems you are facing right now could be one of the reasons of it.

You might think that drinking ice water or let’s say cold water gives you instant energy and stimulation to your mind in heat but be aware; it is just for shorter period of time. Actually, it drains your energy in longer run.  The science behind it is very simple.  Your body needs to generate extra energy to warm up the cold water and bring it to the normal body temperature to streamline your body functions.

The same science is applied when it comes to other problems caused by cold water.

Following are the major problems you may face when you consume cold water on regular basis.

So, if you want to stay fit and healthy, dare to ditch your favorite cold water and keep your health in your hands.

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