Placebo Effect – Real results of a fake treatment…It’s all in your mind

Placebo Effect – You can feel better even when the medicine is not the actual one.

Apart from traditional medicines, there are alternative treatments which work in some complex disease like Yoga, Reiki and acupressure. We all are well aware of these treatments and believe in them to certain extend.

Now when it comes to believing on something, there is another treatment we must not ignore is “Placebo Effect”. Yes, your belief can create miracles and miracles are nothing but your constant affirmation of the process being successful.

Below infographic will give you a better understanding of what the exactly the Placebo Effect is and how it works the best.



“The attention and emotional support you give yourself is often not something you can easily measure, but it can help you feel more comfortable in the world, and that can go a long way when it comes to healing”



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