Alert “O” positives : you’re mosquito’s favorite food.

Have you ever felt that mosquito bites you more than others?

There are lots of theories around it.

Factors like apparel color, blood group of a person, self hygiene, surroundings and so on.

We have extracted 5 the most affecting factors to take care if you want to be safe from mosquitoes. Almost all the factors are controllable and people can easily avoid it except one.


Yes, that’s true. You can’t help or choose your blood group right?

Mosquitoes are behind human blood and if they sense blood smell right, they get easily attracted towards that person. In a research it was concluded that people with blood group O are extremely favorite food of mosquitoes then type A and B.

blood group o mosquito bites
People with blood type O are more prone to mosquito bites

Now, it is a sheer fact that you can’t really help with your blood but yes there are some precautionary steps which can be followed if you are going to a mosquito prone zone.

  1. Cover up all the exposed part of your body with lighter colored cloth
  2. Put some herbs and plants in your balcony which can repel mosquitoes
  3. Avoid going out when winds die down as it provides better landing conditions to mosquitoes

Be informed about your health and keep on taking precautionary steps whenever and wherever needed.

Share with all those whose blood group is O and take care of them.

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