Laughter yoga – An emotional medicine everyone must take

Laughter yoga is a form of physical exercise. Regardless of what your mind says about your current feelings and your atmosphere, you need to laugh. In this process you don’t need to have a sense of humor, cracking jokes or a stand up comedian around you who makes you laugh.

This is the process where in you laugh without any reason. Fake laughing until it becomes real. Yes, as said earlier, just don’t find for a reason to laugh. Sit alone or better with a group of people and start the process mentioned below.

Keep on laughing until you start feeling good, happy, better as this process will not only include your mind but also number of other organs of your body as well.


Step 1 – Clap your hands in front of the heart chakra.


• Focus on your stomach and laugh – “Ho, ho.” • Focus on your chest and laugh – “Ha ha.” • Change constantly between your abdomen and your chest up and down, and shout, “Ho ho, Ha ha, Ho ho.”


Step – 2 Lay your hands on your head.

Laugh inside your head “He he he,” to clean your head of tension. •Then lay your hands on your chest and shout “Ha ha ha”. •Lay your hands on your stomach and yell “Ho ho ho”. • Concentrate on your feet and trample with your feet on the ground, saying – “Hu hu hu.”


Step -3 Do the laughing wave.

Bow your upper body to the earth. Have your hands facing down. Focus on the ground. Send your hands upward to heaven. Wail like a siren: “Ha ha ha ha.” Perform the laughing wave several times. Through your laughter, connect heaven and earth.


Step – 4 Do the welcome laughter.

Within a group, keep eye contact and laugh, until all people in the group are happy. At home, look in the mirror and welcome yourself. When you look into the mirror there is always something to laugh about.


Step – 5  Extend your hands to heaven.

Concentrate on your chest and laugh “Ha ha ha” for a minute.


Benefits of laughter yoga

Benefits of laughter yoga

It is healthier to practice it regularly.

Just laugh without any reason as this medicine has no side effects and amazing benefits.

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